Prolegomenon for a Manifesto of ACE

    In life the heart is a diamond and in death
          the spade is a club.
    In the ACE world, the red and the black
          are one
                but their axies are indeterminant

Lang gaz verlangen

Augen hat des menschen Blick hingegen Licht der Mond

Lang is not languid when it languid comes
  nor is long dong d’Oc abed still doctored
when it awkward comes to say nay it is
  not lang when lang is chained to mal butte’s rave
nor bet long when she bitte comes along
  not even better than a goddess comes
when psyche her psychologos Cupid
  goes, driven by cupidity’s consent
delivering ditties in his bulging qui
  ver darting long unquivered in rigor
mortis soft empestled where her mortgage
  arrows rain wet dreams forth verlangen sorts
to her transversal--and grows long again
  for her gone again, come in white spirit
not gainsaid to take him more in swiftness
  deep in the scarlet tightening pelmet
vermillion sablangerie salon to
  be long and lang in vein contracted there
to slackening response to be langsam
  mer and teethe these horses of desire to
pull his longer out again to be blue
  at balls the Bennets threw their waylaid hopes
to be in neck’s woods full amarynthine
  maring to penetrate cool aires grottoes
with one SEMI mounted on another
  sped down autos de fé where volvos mount
mercedes now headed back with sleeping
  langsamkeit to garages smoking gear
            of darkness and the bees

As barbers comb stars now eternal gone
  your little lang does so you kant deny
parallels correspond adulterous
  arms’ litOrals overlooked soon to court
in anthOlogies of lang longing to
  slacken longer then longing’s lot so darks
countrie where light goes lit et rature a
  bed so quatre vingt et un et eighty
seconds flowering turned-o’er posies nay
  prune trees et groseilles long after hours
our wrong seconds be all unsung à soie
  by heroes their stylos spun pure Cocteau
              à point at these absent balls

              after STC, JA, and in RJ’s memory
              á le Café des Anges, 08/29/05